Planning & Zoning


The Village of Freeburg's Planning and Zoning Department is constructed of a Zoning Administrator and a Combined Planning and Zoning Board.  The Village utilitizes a Zoning Code coupled with BOCCA 2012 International Building Codes to augment the 2015 Comprehensive Plan. 


Permits must be approved by the Zoning Administrator prior to beginning any new construction or the wrecking  of a building within the Village of Freeburg.  The building permit fee schedule is based upon the size, cost, type of structure and/or development.  Building permits are issued for all types of new construction projects or additions which also include fencing and signage.  St. Clair County is contracted by the Village to perform construction inspections.

The Village of Freeburg combined the Plan Commission and Board of Appeals in 2017.  The Combined Planning and Zoning Board reviews new development, future growth, variance requests and other various zoning inquiries.  

The Village of Freeburg is committed to the citizens of Freeburg, ensuring that the quality of construction, safety and a high standard of living is maintained.  This is accomplished through the enforcement of the building codes, zoning code, subdivision code, property maintenance code and the nuisance code. 

Please remember to call JULIE at least 48 hours before you dig at 811 or 800/892-0123.  Any questions concerning zoning can be directed to the Village of Freeburg Zoning Administrator. 

Zoning Maps: 
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Zoning Administrator

Tim Pruett

Combined Planning and Zoning Board

Steve Woodward – 2024

Lee Smith – 2025

Terry Gamblin – 2026

Mark White – 2027

Gary Henning – 2028

Gary Mack – 2024

Rita Green – 2025