Spring Clean Up

Please open the flyer for additional information on the clean up. 

List of Additional Items Accepted

       Computer Towers                       Computer Parts                                  Cell Phones

       Battery Backups                         Power Supplies                                  Printers

       Electric Motors                           Hard Drives                                         Mice

       Floppy Drives                             CD ROMS                                          Keyboards

       Memory RAM                             Laptops                                               Speakers

       Computer Fans                          Batteries                                            Modems

       DVD/VHS Players                      Wire                                                    Lawn tools

       Refrigerators                              Washer/Dryers                                   Dishwashers

       Freezers                                       Small Appliances (blender, bread machines, hair dryers, etc.)

       Lawnmowers                               Weed Eaters                                       Microwaves