Leaf Pickup Program

Freeburg has been divided up into three sections that will receive leaf pick up at certain times of each month. 
If you would like your leaves collected during your designated week, you are strongly encouraged to rake your leaves to the street the weekend prior to your listed week to ensure that when the collectors come through on Monday through Wednesday, your leaves are present and ready for pick up.
Leaves will be collected October, November and December.  No leaves will be collected in January and February.  In March, the section method will be used again for a final collection before the following Fall.
With the new program, you do not need to call and have your name placed on a pick up list.  That process has been eliminated.  If you do not want to wait for your leaves to be picked up, you can bag them and take them to the old sewer plant on Kessler Road. 

Leaf Program Pick Up Schedule

            Week                                                          Section

            October 16, 2017                                                     1

            October 23, 2017                                                     2

            October 30, 2017                                                     3

            November 6, 2017                                                   1

            November 13, 2017                                                 2

            November 20, 2017                                                 3

            November 27, 2017                                                 1

            December 4, 2017                                                   2

            December 11, 2017                                                 3

            December 18, 2017                                                 1

            December 25, 2017                                                 2

            January 1, 2018                                                      3