Trash, Water, Wastewater


The Village of Freeburg is under contract with Waste Management for residential trash pickup.   Residential trash must be out and ready for pickup by Waste Management by 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled day.  

  Trash service is $12.75 monthly from 5/1/16 - 3/31/21

NOTE: Waste Management will no longer pick up televisions.  

Waste Management does not pick up on: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If your normal trash pickup is on one of these holidays, it will be picked up a day later. 

As a reminder, these items are NOT allowed in your waste containers:

     appliances, aerosol cans, asbestos, batteries (auto or small device), chemical products
     (e.g., cleaners, pool chemicals), construction debris, electronics (e.g., TV, computers,
     radios), flammables (e.g., gasoline, lighter fluid, propane), fluorescent lights/tubes,
     hazardous waste, herbicides/pesticides, liquids of any kind, medical waste, needles
     (e.g., syringes), paint and thinners, radioactive materials, tires, any types of oil including
     oil rags. 

A copy of the Village of Freeburg's contract with Waste Management can be found in the Codebook (home page), Chapter 16 Appendix A. 

If you require additional information, you may visit Waste Management's website at or email them at



STORAGE CAPACITY - 950,000 Gallons
TREATMENT CAPACITY - 3,300,000 Gal/Day
PEAK DAILY DEMAND - 519,000 Gal/Day
EXCESS CAPACITY -500,000 Gal/Day




Water Rates Inside Corporate Limits
: $7.72  for the first 1,000 gallons per month, with $7.42 thereafter. 

Water Rates Outside Corporate Limits: $14.16 for the first 1,000 gallons per month, with $10.80 thereafter.

Water Service Connection: A fee of $500.00 for inside the Village is paid prior to connection to the system. For outside Village limits, a pre-annexation agreement is required. Those outside the Village must submit a letter to the Board requesting services. Residents living outside the Village limits, upon approval, pay $1000.00, plus labor and materials.

2016 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report



PRESENT LOAD -473.000 Gal/Day
EXCESS CAPACITY - 237,000 Gal/Day






Sewer Rates Inside Village Limits: 

First 1,000 gallons$7.00 MINIMUM PER MONTH
Over 1,000 gallons$7.00 per 1,000 gallons





Sewer Rates Outside  Village Limits:  


First 1,000 gallons$8.00 MINIMUM PER MONTH
Over 1,000 gallons$8.00 per 1,000 gallons







Sewer Tap-In: A sewer tap-in fee must be paid prior to connecting to the sewer system. This tap-in must be inspected during regular-hours of employees. The Village provides no materials for a sewer tap-in.

Sewer Connection Inside Village Limits: $750 per unit- This fee is per unit for residential, commercial, industrial, apartments, mobile homes, schools, hospitals, public buildings and churches.

Sewer Connection Outside Village Limits: A pre-annexation agreement is required. $1500 per unit- This fee is per unit for residential, commercial, industrial, apartments, mobile homes, schools, hospitals, public buildings and churches.

Construction of the Wastewater Collection System Improvements Phase 1B-1 to the Village of Freeburg is financed by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (SRF).  The SRF program is administered by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and receives a portion of its money to fund these types of projects from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  This project includes 4,550 feet of 18" gravity sewer, 3,350 feet of 10" gravity sewer and 29 manholes.  Once complete, it will improve water quality for area residents and businesses in Freeburg by providing a large trunk sewer to the North section of the Village.  SRF programs operate in each state to provide communities the resources necessary to build, maintain and improve the infrastructure that protects one of our most valuable resources, water.